There are many different types of logos as we all know but very few know about the rules to design a logo.

Yes, there is some set of rules of logo design that must be followed and we’ll see that in this article.

Here are the highlights of each point.

  1. Simple
  2. Relevant
  3. Distinctive
  4. Memorable
  5. Adaptable
  6. Responsive
  7. Timeless


Simple and clean logos attract people faster than complex logos. Make sure that though your logo is simple, the meaning should be deep.

The advantage comes when these logos are used in a tiny region. A detailed logo will smudge whereas a simple one would look as it is and be easy to recognize.

A good example would be the Nike symbol, as it is one of the simplest logos and is also very popular.


Use various colors, wordings, patterns, etc. but don’t forget the goal. The ultimate goal is that the logo must represent what your company does.

Creating “wings” around your logo irrespective of its purpose will just not help.

The interface of the logo must match your company’s vibes. Make your logo so obvious that every time you look at it, it feels to be the right fit for your puzzle.

Remember a luxurious logo will suit a 5-star restaurant more than a stall.


For a logo to be identified among millions, it should be different. If everyone in the market is using the same type of logo, then it’s the right time to change.

A different logo will catch much more eyes and give you an upper hand over your competition.

There are a few ways to have a distinctive logo. Expand the level of your imagination, you may do that by researching other good logos.

Secondly, look around, and analyze what the trend is and what people are talking about. Analyzing people’s interests will help you create a logo that’d exactly be what people want.


A good logo should be memorable which means, it must stay in a customer’s mind well over other brand logos. It’s common that people will find it easier to remember a simple logo than a detailed one.

So, using a simple logo will make your logo much more memorable. To make your logo memorable, have a story attached to your logo.

Having a story behind your logo would fit into people’s minds forever. A custom-designed logo would be highly recommended for this aspect of the logo.


Your logo must be capable of adapting to all sorts of situations. By this, we mean that your logo must be able to be changed as per different occasions and situations and yet be recognizable.

We can take inspiration from logos of daily soap channels and in some cases movie channels too. As the logo of these channels changes colors and patterns during occasions like some national events and yet is easily recognized.

To test if your logo is adaptable to different colors, turn your logo black and white and if the color suits that means, every color would the logo.


A good logo is one that’s responsive. By responsive, we mean that a good logo must give out a message to society. A message could be an idea of a company’s work or any hidden message.

We can understand the concept of the message by taking the example of FedEx. If you take a closer look, the region between ‘E’ and ‘x’, forms an arrow, that arrow depicts ‘speed’. That means fast delivery.

Similarly, if you take a look at Toyota’s logo, it contains 3 rings. These rings when divided properly form the word ‘TOYOTA’.


Find out ideas to make your logo timeless. Timeless here means, it doesn’t matter how many years pass, the logo must stay in trend and in talks.

A simple rule here is to build your logo around something that has existed for at least half a century.

The logo of Ferrari is a horse, for Lamborghini, it’s bulls, for Twitter it’s a bird, all that have existed for really long.

The ‘polygon art’ is currently in trend, it looks really clean and appealing to the eyes.


As it is popularly said, “Rules are made to be broken”, the above-given set of rules of logo design are the basic ones to be followed. But this doesn’t mean you can’t try something apart from these rules.

The world has endless possibilities, going against a few of these rules might possibly create a logo that might be the best one the universe ever saw.

You might have come across many logos but did you know that there are different types of logos having different styles/categories?

So, let’s go through this list of types of logos and choose the logo that may work wonders for you.

Wordmark/Logotype Design:

A logotype design also referred to as wordmark design, can simply be explained as a design that contains just the company name, no symbols, shapes, patterns, etc.

As this logo depends a lot on wordings, hence, playing creatively with the fonts is what the complete look and professionality depend on, getting a logo custom designed is thus highly recommended.

In case, you discover reasons to not have a customized logo, you may simply decide on a font style that matches the vibes your organization spreads.

Now there is a simple way to decide if logotype is for you or not, if your brand has a fairly catchy name or if you would want the name to spread across, close your eyes and go for this design.

Examples: – Google, Coca-Cola, etc.

 Abstract Design:

As the name itself suggests, the design is made such, that the logo instantly reminds you of the brand. This type of logo design contains no wordings and thus is a very risky one for any brand which hasn’t made it big in the market.

It’s just that it’s not necessary for everyone to be aware of the logo but it would be highly probable for people to have ever come across the name.

So, the conclusion here is simple, if your brand is sporty and would work well if the logo interacts with the audience in a fun way then an abstract logo is what you have to go with.

Mascot Design:

A mascot design can be simply explained as a design where the logo consists of the representation of a person or a non-existing human-like body.

The logo is right for you if your brand has to create a positive impact on the audience.

The best part about this design is that you can change the expressions of the character in a way it matches the impact you want to put on your audience.

Mascot design will prove to be useful if you own a food or sports brand.

Emblem Design:

An emblem is nothing but a design crafted out of either wording or a symbol or a pattern placed inside an icon.

They are hereby one of the oldest types of logos, so old that these were present on a king’s stamp.

They often give out the feeling of a well-established brand.

It’s a great choice for those that already have an established brand but if you don’t then that shouldn’t push you back and you can still use it with a proper marketing strategy.

 Lettermarks Design:

Lettermarks or Monogram design may be defined as a design that contains the initials of a brand. Like any other logo, this too could be customized or based on the purpose the brand serves, the font style might be decided while taking kerning into consideration.

This type of logo design is great for brands that have an abbreviated form to their brand name.

 Pictorial Design:

This design type is an image or a pattern that is created from what a brand presents. One needs to be careful with the design as it should highly relate to the brand.

It works wonders for brands that are well-established but for a new one, it would be recommended to use the brand name along with the design.

 Combination Design:

This logo design might turn out to be your favorite if you yet haven’t decided on a design to pick for yourself as this type is a mixture of different types of logo designs.

You may mix Mascot with Abstract or Emblem with logotype, it’s all accepted until and unless the logo doesn’t fail to market the brand’s purpose.

As mentioned above, the type is basically for those who either aren’t able to decide on a kind or want the best of both worlds.

Adaptable/Dynamic Design:

Adaptable or Dynamic logo design is a type of design that contains a basic framework and is built in a way that, the logo could be used for several campaigns with slight changes to the design, such as the color or a tiny character within.

Contoured Words Design:

Contoured words design is those designs that consist of the brand name within a geometric shape, where the circle represents love and eternity on the other hand a square represents trust and stability.

Letterforms Design:

This type of logo contains just the first word of any brand name. They can be used in lower-case too but might turn out to be tricky and a loss deal to a new brand as the audience might find it hard to recall the company’s name.

 Slime Design:

These are more of a cartoonish type of logo design and contain symbols and imagery which are highly inspired by slime, like a logo with its colors spreading over, exactly like a slime.


Every brand logo is unique but what makes them memorable is the creativity applied to its creation. The right use of fonts, width, height, symbols, etc. may build a name that people might remember for ages to come. These types of logos are to set up a unique identity for your business.